Some people may look at The Club membership cost and wonder if there is any way they can run enough days to justify the cost.

The Club is more than just the cost of running per day. It is about the convenient availability of days, flexibility in scheduling runs, the low car count on the track and the amount of track time during the days you are running. If you can only run 12 days per year, shouldn’t they be the days you choose to run? Sharing the track with only a few cars, getting maximum track time, and enjoying facilities exclusively built for Club Member use?

The fact is, on a typical Club Member Day, you get as much track time before lunchtime than you would have in an entire day with other groups. Come out on a Saturday morning, drive until Noon, then spend the rest of the day with your family. Work until Noon during the week, come out for a few hours of driving in the afternoon (and you can still answer emails and calls in the Clubhouse). 

The Club is much more than just driving on the track. It is a small group of like-minded individuals (Membership limited to 150 total) who share many of the same interests. Members typically come out and run a few sessions, then head to the Clubhouse. Some Members just come out to enjoy the Clubhouse– whether it is playing pool, shuffleboard, or driving on one of the two professional-grade simulators, while sampling some high-end bourbon or one of the many different beers available as part of the Membership. 

Have you ever driven on a race track with only a few other cars, or – better yet – by yourself? It is the most valuable track time you will ever have. Try different lines, braking zones, or driving styles without any worry about a track full of cars behind you. As a Club Member, you are likely to have many days where your car is one of only a handful on the track. Often, you may be on the track by yourself. You will gain skill and experience far more efficiently than on a crowded track.

Do you know how professional drivers improve their skills? Practice, practice and more practice! No other group allows you to get on the track two to three days a week, for 120+ days a year. It’s much easier to make effective changes to your car’s setup when the next Club date is the following day or week, not the next month!

Included with any membership is full use of the first-class group garages for all Club days (on a first-come, first-served basis). Unload your trailer, plug into the electricity and turn on the ceiling fans. Now you, your crew and your car are out of the weather!

Your family and friends are welcome to come with you while you drive on the track! When they are not watching you on track, they can relax in the comfort of the Member Clubhouse. The Clubhouse features a well-appointed lounge with leather furniture, Billiards room with pool, shuffleboard and two professional-grade simulators, locker rooms with showers, and a fully stoked bar where you can enjoy a beer or drink when you are done driving for the day. 

Twice per month, Steak Night is held. The track is green from 11:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m., then steaks are grilled for the Members and drinks are served. Many Members come out late to run a couple of sessions, then gather in the Clubhouse. Other Members just come out for dinner and drinks. They are the most popular Member Days on the calendar. 

Two professional-grade racing simulators are located in the Clubhouse for Members and their guests to use. The simulators are instrumental for familiarizing yourself with other tracks you may be visiting and trying different cars as well. Coaching is available on the simulators, and you can also pair up and race head-to-head!

Send an email or call saying you are coming on a certain day, and that’s it. No registration. No meetings. No tech inspections. Show up and drive on your schedule.

There are many more reasons to join The Club, but really, do you need them? An exclusive performance car club, virtually unlimited track time, use of garages, a clubhouse, all without restriction. What else could you want?


Improve your skills with 120+ days of track time


Low car count on track = more unrestricted track time


Enjoy the comfort and endless amenities of our beautiful Member Clubhouse


Take your skills to the next level with individualized coaching