The Club is an exclusive motorsports country club for people who enjoy cars and motorcycles. 120+ days per year are available to drive your vehicle on the track, whether it is a daily driver, exotic sports car, race car, or collector car. Why own a performance car if you cannot drive it fast in the environment where it- and you- will thrive? The speed you drive on track is up to you; whether you are a licensed racer or someone who just wants to stretch the legs of their garage queen every once in awhile. The Club provides a safe, friendly environment to do just that- at your own pace.

The flexibility of the schedule and sheer amount of track time on any given day means your valuable time is maximized. You can come out in the morning, get 3-4 sessions in by lunch and leave to spend time with your family or head back to work. In one day you will get more track time than in an entire weekend with other driving groups. Plus, no taking your car through tech inspection, no driver meetings, and no set driving sessions. Go out and drive when you want, as much as you want and leave when you are ready.

The Club is more than just driving on the track. Limited to 150 total Members, you are among people with many of the same goals and hobbies who are at similar points in their lives. The Clubhouse provides an excellent atmosphere to gather away from the track. Whether you are taking a break from driving, watching a sporting event on one of the tvs, trying one of the two professional-grade driving simulators or just having a drink at the bar- it is a unlike any other Clubhouse. The furniture is sourced from Restoration Hardware; high-end down-filled leather sofas and chairs. The bar has a bourbon selection that eclipses most fine restaurants. Don’t care for bourbon? Then try one of the wide variety of local or domestic beers in stock. It is all included with the membership.

Members have access to the daily-use garages, which are professional-grade bays with ceiling fans, electrical outlets and compressed air. If you prefer to keep cars at the track, private garages are available for annual lease. They are all constructed of concrete block and are far superior to those found at other race tracks in the Midwest.

Twice per month- usually on Wednesdays- Steak Night is held at The Club. The track is green from 11am-7pm, and steaks and drinks are served. Some Members come out early, but most in late afternoon- to get in a couple of sessions before parking and heading to the Clubhouse for drinks before dinner. Many Members just come out for dinner and conversation. They are among the most popular days on the schedule.

Members receive updates with a list of participants for each scheduled Member Day, so they can choose whichever days suit them. Want to come out when nobody else is on the schedule, or drive on track chasing down cars? You can do either, and within the same week. Low car-count on track is a key feature of The Club. Other weekend groups likely have 15-30 cars on track at a time. Rarely are there more than 10 cars on the track at a time, and usually it is five or less. It is a fantastic environment to drive your car in a fast, safe atmosphere- improving your skills and learning your car’s limits.

Professional driving coaches are available to help you make the most of your valuable time. Whether you are a novice driver with no previous on-track experience or a licensed racer looking to get that last few tenths off the clock, these coaches will get you pointed in the right direction.


Improve your skills with 120+ days of track time


Low car count on track = more unrestricted track time


Enjoy the comfort and endless amenities of our beautiful Member Clubhouse


Take your skills to the next level with individualized coaching