Why Join The Club?

Some people may look at The Club membership cost and think there is no way they can run enough days to justify the cost.
The Club is more than just cost per day of running.  It is about ultimate availability of days, flexibility in scheduling days, low car count on track, and amount of track time during the days that you are running.  It is also about little things; complimentary drinks, use of a golf cart to get around, and the super-relaxed atmosphere.


If you think, “But I can only run 12 days per year!” – shouldn’t they be the days you choose to run, sharing the track with only a few cars, getting maximum track time, and enjoying facilities exclusively built for Club member use?  Your time is valuable- make the most of it with The Club.

Wouldn’t you rather run during the week and have your weekends at home with the family?  If you have ever run a two or three day weekend event, you know what the Monday after is like.  Then you still have all the chores around the house to catch up on!

Reason #1: 

“NO TRAFFIC JAMS”  Have you ever driven on a race track with only a few other cars- or better yet- by yourself?  It is the most valuable track time you will ever have.  Try different lines, braking zones, driving styles- you name it- without worrying about a track full of cars behind you.  As a Club Member you are likely to have many days where your car is one of only a handful at the track and often, you may be on the track by yourself.  You will gain skill and experience far quicker than on a crowded track.

Reason #2:

“FREQUENCY”  Do you know how professional drivers improve their skills? Practice- Practice- Practice! No other group allows you to get on the track two to three days a week, for 100 + days a year.  It’s also much easier to make effective changes to your car’s set-up when the next Club date is the next day or the next week, not the next month!

Reason #3:

“THE GARAGES”  Full use of the first-class group garages for all Club days included with the membership (on a first-come, first-served basis).  Unload your trailer, plug into the electric, turn on the ceiling fans, and you, your crew and your car are out of the sun (or rain)!

Reason #4: 

“THE CLUBHOUSE” Bring your wife, your family, your friends and they can hang out in the comfort of the clubhouse.  The clubhouse features a cigar bar styled lounge (without the smoke), bar where you can keep your own stock of liquor in private lockers, large screen televisions, game room, full kitchen, locker room, restrooms and showers covered with granite and tile. It’s like no other clubhouse in the country. Your family and friends may even forget that you are at the track!

Reason #5:

“NO RED TAPE” Send an email or call saying you are coming on a certain day, and that’s it.  No registration, no meetings, no inspections.  Show up and drive, on your schedule.

There are many more reasons to join The Club, but really- do you need another?  An exclusive lapping club, virtually unlimited track time, use of garages, clubhouse, all without restriction.  What other reason do you need?