Member Testimonials

While the other pages tell you about The Club, the Members say it best. Below are some quotes from Members about why they joined The Club and their experience:


David Wilkes, Indianapolis, Individual Member:

“I was invited to drive at The Club by Larry Stevens in the summer of 2014. Neither of us were members at that time, but because of the enjoyment of that day we both became members immediately after that visit. Amazing facility, friendly atmosphere, unparalleled experience! It doesn’t get much better than this!”

John Sunderland, Louisville, KY – Founding Member:

“Before I joined The Club, I did the math and on paper, and you say to yourself, I have to run X number of days to bring the cost per day down to some arbitrary number you come up with in your head.  Then I came out to the track and met you and Larry, and experienced for myself how incredible it is to have total freedom on the track.  I was able to set up my track mapping, including stopping at various points to set segment timing, slowing down, and even walking segments of the track, things I could never do during a weekend event. 

It is more than just getting amazing track time; it is the use of the garages, the people running the days, and the Club experience that you cannot get at an event while sharing the facility with 80 other drivers. 

I cannot wait for the Clubhouse to be completed. Hanging out in the lounge when I’m off track – catching up on emails and work while I’m at the track.  Playing pool and drinking a couple of beers in the evening when we are done for the day. It adds an entirely new dimension to track days.

So in the end, once I was a Club Member, what I quickly realized was that the financial aspect was the least important factor of all- I get so much enjoyment out of this membership!”

Mike Schmidt, Zionsville, IN – Individual Member:

“Fast vehicle…Open track…enough said!”

Craig B., New Palestine, IN – Board Member:

“The Club at Putnam Park is perfect for an amateur racer. More than 100 test days available and in typically 3 day consecutive chunks. The flexibility implied is extremely useful. If for some reason one is able to do only 5 laps in a day… so what, come back the next day or the next week. Choose your weather and temperature, etc.

The track is also smoother than most tracks in the Midwest and the facilities are top notch. The track includes some off camber and downhill braking segments which are a good test of an oiling system. I found out things at Putnam about my dry sump system that were not at all apparent on flat tracks.”

Kelly Marsh, Columbus, OH – Founding Member:

“The Club has been a revelation for me. Knowing that it is available 3 days every week makes scheduling a breeze.  I’ve been at the track alone, with 1 Member, and with 5 Members.  I always leave tired, never thinking I needed more laps. It is impossible to compare this experience with attending the typical car club outings.  It’s like the difference between having to get a tee time and having your own golf course!”

Bo LeMastus, Louisville, KY – Founding Member:

“I love The Club for the fact that we get to all be together and enjoy a first class race track & facility in a private setting. Much the same as a golf membership, it allows one to truly  “ find it “ on your own schedule and your own pace.  When I say Find it, that means somewhat different things to each of us but at the end of the day being a club allows for everyone to relax and enjoy the sport that brings us together.”

Andy Wernsman, Jamestown, IN – Founding Member:

“Chris Diasio runs a top shelf track!!!!   If you have a sports car in your garage and you continue to wipe it down and just look at it everyday; my suggestion is to stop now!   Get it out and enjoy it on the track- that is what they are made for.    Chris and the instructors will give you the confidence to grow at the level you are comfortable with.   I get a great adrenaline rush every time I am out and can’t wait to get back to the track.”

Bill Lehman, Noblesville, IN – Founding Member:

“The Club has been one of the highlights of my life! It’s great, you let Chris know when you’re coming and everyone is ready and waiting for you to drive. There is no waiting,  you spend as much time on the track as you want.  The Clubhouse is just as nice as any multi million dollar home, if not better. Furnishing in the Clubhouse are top notch and no expense was spared. It is a very comfortable environment that is easy to relax and refresh after driving the track. Last, the garages are perfect and have plenty of space to spread out if you wish. It’s tough to work when you have The Club and track at your fingertips!”

Jack Farr, Bargersville, IN – Board Member:

“Track clubs are now common in each region of the country for one purpose- fun: exploring our car limits and practice time to improve our skills. What is unique at The Club is Chris’ attention to members achieving each goal. The new Clubhouse and track improvements are excellent. All I have seen are large smiles on happy member faces. No one can pay me for an endorsement. Chris and the track staff have a large thumbs up from me! Cheers to tires singing!”

Jim Krampen, Brownsburg, IN – Board Member:

“This sums up my Membership in The Club: It was a beautiful summer day in 2014- I grabbed a cup of coffee from the Clubhouse and went into my private garage around 9:00am and suited up for 2 track sessions on my Ducati 999 and Suzuki 600 track bikes.  The riding leathers and late morning sun made me retire the bikes to my garage and go to the Club House to cool down and check some e-mails, while I watched sports and news on the big screen TV’s.   Back to the garage before noon and I threw on a fire suit for a few sessions in my Formula car, then back to the Club House to cool down, have some lunch and chat with other members.  After lunch, I jumped into my Spec Miata and shared a few sessions with other members on a very fast and sticky track making for some of the best laps that afternoon.   I pulled the Spec Miata into the garage, changed out of my fire suit, closed the garage door and went into the Clubhouse to have a few beers with members and recall our day.  I completed a triathlon of racing vehicles at my leisure, out of my own garage, all in one day with the very posh Clubhouse and amenities and in the company of members with like-minds and passion.   The best part was knowing I could do something like this about 100 times per year at The Club if I really wanted to.  Now, where else in America, or the world for that matter, can you have a track day like that?”